Forty-20 Magazine Cover

Two Rugby League legends are about to hang up there microphones and its Stevo and Rabbits that are the subjects for this for this months illustration on the cover of the excellent Forty-20 Magazine.

stevo1 stevo2


The Challenge Cup And Lizzie Jones

Here is my illustrated cover for this months cover of the brilliant Forty 20 Magazine with the two teams competing for Rugby Leagues Challenge Cup and Lizzie Jones.
Now, for me this had several problems, firstly, when it come to painting rugby players it can be difficult to get the right reference material.  When you need a picture of a certain player smiling all you can find are photos of them gurning and vice versa and secondly, I always get nervous when it comes to painting women as I always get a bit twitchy about doing the subject justice as well as getting a good likeness and the two aren’t always the same thing.
challenge-cup2 challenge-cup3
It’s always good to leave your work alone after finishing it and then hopefully you can come back at some later date and see it with new eyes and I think I am fairly happy with the results and hopefully, the three shown are happy with the results!

Anyway, go and buy Forty-20 now and good luck to Hull and Warrington and to Lizzie Jones with the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund.

Dr. Terrors House of Horrors

drterror-book-coverdr-terrorshouse-ofhorrorsHere’s my version of one of favourite films, ‘Dr. Terrors House of Horrors’.  I’ve always fancied doing a movie poster or book cover so why not have a go at painting  the most iconic of British actors, Peter Cushing.  this illustration took a little longer than my usual editorial illustrations but it always nice to to try out different paint brushes and break open some new acrylics!