This Week – Sackings, Cake and the Joy of TMS

A busy week painting Paul Shrader (taxi driver) for the New York Observer, Bill Frindall with chocolate cake and beleaguered bristol DOR Andy Robinson.  Firstly, Robinson who has been sacked this morning after a terrible start from Bristol in the Aviva Premiership has been dangling over that big hole called ‘Relegation’.


Then there is TMS which has evolved is in the role of the scorer. Initially, one imagines, it involved some chap with a pencil and a scorebook entering six dots and joining them up at the end of the over to make an “M”, for maiden. Then along came Bill Frindall, who could tell you things like how many Englishmen had made a Test century before lunch, or even how many balls he’d faced.


Frindall, though, couldn’t answer every question, and when he got an awkward one, he’d either snort, or ignore it. Knowing that very soon a chocolate cake discussion would break out, and that the inquiry that had stumped him would be quickly forgotten.

Bill was a nice subject to paint, a very expressive face and just the best eyebrows.


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