Touring Aint No Fun

As the national cricket team leave Bangladesh, and leave full of praise for the local hospitality you can’t help but feel that the modern player is slightly cosseted and wrapped in cotton wool.  Gone are the days when the first item that a touring cricketer packed was his bow tie and tuxedo for those endless drinks receptions or the down time spent on fishing cruises or quenching a thirst in some Crocodile Dundee backwater.


Then there was the infamous case of a certain D I Gower and the Tiger Moth.  On the third day of England’s tour match against Queensland, David Gower and John Morris hired a Tiger Moth and buzzed the Carrara Oval, where Robin Smith had just returned to form with a hundred. But the dour England management didn’t see the joke and the pair were fined. It could have been worse especially as the pair had intended dropping a water bomb from the plane!

So there you have it, touring isn’t as fun as it used to be, especially as far as painting illustrations is concerned.


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