The Perils of Touring

This weeks illustration for The Cricket Paper is a cautionary tale to cricketers on tour.  First time tourists should know what to expect when they hire one of those smoke-belching tuc tucs to take them to a restaurant, and the driver assures them that it will take ten minutes maximum, Approximately one hour later, with the respiratory system now full of diesel fumes, they will realise that the driver actually has actually never heard of the restaurant in question, never mind where it might be located. The one piece of good news being that, even after an hour’s driving, the charge on the meter will be the equivalent of 5p.

Then there are the perils of committing your laundry to the hotel’s own bespoke service. The late Christopher Martin Jenkins once had an expensive shirt returned to him consisting of one cuff, half a collar, and a broken button. He summoned the manager, who told him, with a beaming smile: “it is not the fault of the laundry sir, it is the poor quality of your shirt.” Motto. You can complain all you like in India, but it won’t get you anywhere. Or in Pakistan, which is, of course, currently off the rota



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