Northamptonshire, as Glamourous as Nora Batty

Its been many years since I last went to Wantage Rd and in all honesty it wasn’t too watch Northamptonshire CCC (I intensely dislike the word Northants, whats the matter with a Shire) but to see the cobblers play and as we all know it was the only ground in the country with the peculiar distinction of doubling  up as a cricket pitch and football pitch/car park.  Many miles were walked from Far Cotton  up through Abington Park holding my Grandads hand and sweating cobs because of the Tom Bakeresque Clare and White scarf.

Entering the ground through the turnstiles next to the County Tavern I can’t say I was struck with how unfashionable and unglamorous the county was but here I am painting an illustration of the county ground comparing it too Nora Batty for ‘The Cricket Paper’

Having read the Martin Johnsons column It suddenly hit me how true this was, you would never see too many celebrities or TV cameras at the unholy trinity of Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire (cough). So to redress this issue and balance those scales, here is Nora Batty in all of her crumpled glory modelling a Steelbacks shirt.


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