Forget Brexit, Independence For Yorkshire

It’s been a while now since the Brexit vote and the result, now its no surprise that Yorkshire was a county which voted overwhelmingly to leave Europe and given half the chance the inhabitants of ‘Gods Own Country’ would probably vote for independence!

So again I get the chance to paint another Yorkshire great to go alongside Brian Close and Geoffrey Boycott and this time its Ray Illingworth (who played for Yorkshire between 1951–68 and 1982–83).

My Shirley Hasn't Had A Bath For Weeks

My Shirley Hasn’t Had A Bath For Weeks

The Yorkshire Hall of Famer was described as ‘tough, combative, grudging, shrewd, and an instinctive reader of the game but as the supremo of the English game he was far from successful  but no less combative as the time he was inspecting the crease during a tour to India.  Asked how the crease was looking, Illingworth barked that he couldn’t tell until they stopped watering it and added that because of a water shortage back home his wife hadn’t had bath for weeks.


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