Blofelds Pigeon

A nice little illustration for this weeks ‘The Cricket Paper’, it’s always nice to have a bit of fun when painting your illo and for once I actually enjoyed painting Henry Blofeld and his pigeon!


Henry Blofelds Birdseye Camera

The illustration was in reference to the use of DRS in test cricket and to the increasing use of cameras, not only all over the field but implanted in the stumps, and soon, I’ll wager, to be strapped to the umpire’s head, the spare helmet behind the wicketkeeper, the drinks trolley, and, pecking away in the outfield, one of Henry Blofeld’s pigeons. Giving a whole new meaning to a bird’s eye view.

It’s always nice to get a subject which is more lighthearted as it gives me the opportunity to be a bit daring with the colours and I definitely need to be more Daring.


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