Dirty Tricks Explode In Hoiles Face

Well, who would have thought it, England have beaten Australia in the the second and won the series and that’s why Stephen Hoiles has made a monumental fool of himself. “WHEN it comes to spectacular backfires they don’t come much better than that by Stephen Hoiles, Former Wallaby backrower Hoiles did not intend to give England more of a leg-up after their opening win in Brisbane than the 39-28 scoreline deserved, but that’s what he inadvertently achieved in the build-up to the Second Test in Melbourne when his attempt to be a broadcast shock-jock at Eddie Jones’s expense ended in an embarrassing climb-down.

Hoiles, who is a contributor to Fox Sports ‘The Other Rugby Show’, aimed a rambling question laced with grubby schoolyard innuendo at the England coach, and his tour backline consultant, fellow-Aussie Glen Ella.


Stephen Hoiles Dirty Tricks Explode In His Face

The Hoiles intervention started like this: “You seem to be in the press a bit more than Donald Trump this week”. It continued: “And the lads were pumped up, there was a bit of moisture out there and I think you and Glen had a good moment, looked lubed up…and a fair bit of shrinkage. How did you enjoy that moment with your old mate Glen up in the box?” Words by Nick Cain, The Rugby Paper.


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