Eddie Jones, Cracking The whip

This weeks illustration is a rumination on the hard work that Eddie Jones puts his players through.  His ‘intense’ work ethic produces results but can this fanatical approach go too far, is it fanatical or just plain overtraining?


Eddie Jones Close Up


Former Wallabies captain Phil Kearns has even gone as far to say “I’ve heard a couple of the guys in the Japan team say they would never play under him again because they could not keep up with the workload it was so intense. It will be interesting to see how over time the Pommies go.”

Having done this editorial illustration on Friday night and then having listened to England beat Australia on Saturday by 39 points to 28 it seems that everything is currently rosy but what will the future hold?


Eddie Jones Cracking The Whip

I decided to try and just Adobe Color to try and help with the palette of the illustration, now, 1 o’clock in the morning isn’t the best time to be trying a slightly different approach to work and hopefully I can use in a smarter manner next time but I found this to be a really good resource, but if anyone knows any better apps for color palettes id love to know


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