David Willey – Naughty Boy

David Willey the beloved former Northamptonshire county cricketer and Northamptonian has been a naughty boy again after giving a colourful send-off (more akin to Bridge Street on a Saturday night) to Milinda Siriwardana when the Sri Lankan batsman was dismissed immediately after hitting a seamer for six.

I decided to approach this illustration a little different to the usual way I work, after overdosing a tad on Joe Bowler Arnaldo Putzu ‘Look-in’ covers I thought I would ditch the airbrush and completely paint the illo with a mixture of acrylic and gouache.


Now, trying something new always feels a bit nervy and working to a deadline you’re never sure if you will have enough time but, after a quick practice on this Space 1999 illustration I was fairly happy with the way it turned out. the image is a lot more rough, textured and loose, and a lot less flat than normal.  How do you think it turned out, I’d be interested to now.



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