Heyeneke Meyer- Crushed By Expectations Of The Rainbow Nation

If there is an impossible job it is called coaching South Africa. It’s the one that Heineken Meyer has just resigned from, falling on his sword before he was run through by the politicians who wield power in South African sport.


The resignation came after Meyer met with the SARF chief executive and was told that his time was up, despite an almost 67 per cent winning record during his four years as coach.
As always it can come to illustrating the subject it can take a while to find some decent photographs of the but in Meyers case he wasn’t afraid to show his passion for the game and could often be seen gurning his way through a game.  I wasn’t particularly happy with the drawing, the modelling of the face could have been better and I should have made more of the ‘crushed’ scenario but then again I very rarely ‘like’ anything after it has been completed!


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