Lancaster’s Gone, So should The Coaches Cartoon


The Brief

With the RFU suits in a state of panic having failed to place a detailed contingency plan to take England on from the Domesday World cup scenario that has unfolded, we have a weird halfway house.  While the head coach, Stuart Lancaster, has been shown the door, his assistants, Andy Farrell, Graham Rowntree and Mike Catt, are still sat on the sofa watching the TV.


If you share collective responsibility as a coaching team for three to for years when  you think things are on track, then when it comes off the rails you also share that responsibility.  Which means that backs coach Farrell, forwards coach Rowntree and skills coach Catt should by now have followed Lancaster in tendering their resignations.


The Illustration

I have to agree totally that the assistant England coaches should fall on there proverbial swords, if the rest of us failed at our jobs we would soon be shown the door!  It was important to show the three main characters but I couldn’t find decent image of Mike Catt for love nor money and seeing as Rowntree has comedy ears anyhow he had to be in the foreground with the other two in the middle and the broom sweeping them away in the background.

The drawing always starts off (late on a Friday, usually listening to Father Baldi or some such on R4Extra) with a pencil drawing which is then painted over with acrylic, watercolour and gouache.  Because I am working through the night and quickly the colour palette is kept to a minimum, the bare minimum.


Painting hair is always a pain at the best of times so Farrell and Rowntree’s bald pates makes life a lot easier although on hindsight hair does afford you the opportunity to add a touch of energy, and I could have done with a touch more movement.

The likenesses eventually showed through but clothing is still a bug bear of mine and could always be improved, practice makes perfect though.

How long do you think it will take before the gruesome threesome will walk then?






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