Sam Burgess Is An Angel

I’m never really sure why some illustrations seem to take forever and seem quite hard work to produce but this one for this weeks ‘The Rugby Paper’
was a joy, maybe it’s the chance to draw Manu Tuilagi as a devil!  He seems to be making out that he was harshly treated by the England coaches for
being cast out of the the World Cup squad.


He also denies assaulting any female police officers and describes the night out thus,

“It was one of those big ones,” he said, “with a big sliding door. I was standing in the taxi trying to call everyone. My shoulder and half my body were in the doorway. The taxi just shot forward and hit me in the shoulder.”

When one of Tuilagi’s party alerted the taxi driver to this, Tuilagi claims the driver replied: “He shouldn’t have been standing there.” That was when Tuilagi grabbed him by the neck – and presumably, as was alleged, damaged the wing mirror of the car. Tuilagi’s brothers pulled him away. A few moments later, as they went off to look for another taxi, Tuilagi says he felt a hand grab his from behind.

“I felt someone try to grab my hands so I just pulled my hands away. That’s it. Basically, that is assault. You can just touch someone and that is assault.”


Although I haven’t actually seen this weeks column in print, I’m not sure how many people will be viewing Sam Burgess as angelic if the current rumour
that he will be going back to rugby league in australia after the World cup are to be believed.


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