More England Trading Cards and Well Played Anthony Watson

More England Trading Cards and Well Played Anthony Watson

Well I’m still working my way through these blessed England trading cards and I’ve just completed Calum Clark, Joe Launchbury and the brace grabbing try scorer from last weekends World Cup warm up between England and France.


Just for a change I’m going to show a WIP photos and quickly describe the well worn process of how I work.

Stage 1:
Nothing to clever or fancy, but I like to draw the image as complete as is possible just to get the tonal values as correct as possible. I normally use a 6B pencil to get some nice blacks and a prismacolor pencil for the other tones.


Stage 2:
Swear at dirty airbrush nozzle.

Stage 3:
Once the nozzle is clean I can lay down a nice layer of colour.  The airbrushed image does have a tendency to look a bit flat so from here I start to paint
the image with watercolours and opaque gouache for highlights


Stage 4:
By now I have broken the back of the work so I go back into the image with coloured pencils for more texture and occasionally a transparent acrylic tint.



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